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Words And Tone Matter When Addressing Employees

Managers and supervisors, who speak to their team with respect, understanding, and appreciation, will have better employees. Leslie Zieren examines the issue. Read More

Managing Celiac Disease And Other Hidden ADA Risks

Understanding the full scope of disability discrimination is key for preventing the risk in your organization. Leslie Zieren examines the challenges with hidden disabilities. Read More

Is Missing Work A Reasonable Accommodation?


Employers must consider reasonable accommodations before disciplining or terminating an employee. We examine if missing work is reasonable. Read more...


Are You Planning To Give Bonuses This Year? You Make The Call


A recent study anticipates record-breaking bonus payments for next year. Will your organization be providing bonuses? You make the call and join the conversation. Read more...


Equating Civility With Equality: How New York's Harassment Laws Affect All Of Us - Part Two

Jack McCalmon

In this second podcast of a two-part Risk Trends™ podcast series, Jack McCalmon discusses what the changes in New York's sexual harassment laws mean for employers everywhere. Read more...


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Recycle The Trash, Not Your Passwords

Reusing the same password for multiple accounts invites cybercrime. We examine. Read More

Lessons Learned From The Equifax Data Breach

Recent large data breaches like Equifax, Capital One, and American Medical Collection Agency illustrate the risks of storing confidential and personal information. We examine. Read More

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Blacklisting helps users avoid malware-infected sites, but there are flaws. We examine. Read More